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#Project365 week 48

Day 329: cold, wet and miserable so time for the first fire of the season!
Day 330: bought in a few bits for gifts and Christmas treats. Feel like I need a pick-me-up so now worried it won’t last until the end of Novemeber let alone the festive period!

Day 331: last year I must have programmed this into my car radio, yay, it’s CHRISTMAS!!!

Day 332: time for shadow fun! Dinosaurs involved obviously 🙂

Day 333: cheeky meal out. You know you are somewhere good when they have an entire gluten free menu. Yes, I did manage to eat almost all of this…

Day 334: Anya was so proud to get her smiley face badge and certificate in assembly

Day 335: we have the ‘joy’ of the class bear this weekend- a perfect excuse to decorate!
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  1. Lol chocolate doesn’t last long in our house!

    The only time we had the class bear was at nursery…and that weekend we were going to the airport to drop off relatives so had something to write about!

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  3. I remember the class bear in our school, what a responsibility to keep him entertained. 🙂 The fireplace looks cosy. It’s good to know places to eat where they cater to your needs and requirements.

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