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#Project365 week 9

Goodbye February and welcome March! And what a start to the month: 2 snow days!
Day 56: Mum and Dad were away last weekend so I got to look after Tanzi (named after my favourite gemstone and the one in my engagement ring!)

Day 57: the approach of the Beast from the East but no snow yet. Still enjoying a roaring fire to keep ot the cold.

Day 58: multiple flurries but instant melting. I doubted we’d get more than this!

Day 59: Zach’s first encounter with snow! A decent amount but the cold was unbelievable!

Day 60: even more snow! The children’s schools were closed so we were all home together. I was the target for most of the snowballs!

Day 61: Ollie’s turn for a snow pic! He was frolicking in the snow like a puppy 🙂

Day 62: and now the thaw. I’m pleases that it is all happening so quickly. I hate the depressing sight of muddy slush after the glorious pristine snow. It is a shock to see the world come back into colour even though I’m usually used to it!


  1. It was way to cold to be out playing in it, our lot were too ill to consider taking them out.
    a lot of dogs love the deep snow.
    Our grass has more brown patches than green due to the snow last month.

  2. Love the photos of the kids in the snow. Our snow was just like yours on Tuesday – falling, but not settling. It finally settled properly on Thursday and Friday and started thawing quickly yesterday. There’s still plenty of slush around today though.

  3. Fiona jk42

    This was my little granddaughter’s first real snow, and she loved it, at least until it got too cold for her to be outside. Her parents (my daughter & son-in-law) brought some snow inside in a bowl. My granddaughter played with it till it all melted. I think she was a bit confused initially as to why the snow became water, but we think now she understands that snow is just frozen rain. So not just fun to be able to play in the snow but also a science education opportunity.

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