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#Project365 2019 week 29

Day 195: a Sunday afternoon walk over to the river by our house with my parents. Sadly, Matthew didn’t want to join us 🙁

Day 196: Zach is so keen to learn! This is his own game that he started playing: finding words on his kindle or around the house and then finding the letters to make it himself.

Day 197: I had to do some extra hours at work (technically a 6th job?) so treated myself to a pub lunch afterwards. I think it is the first time I’ve ever eaten out all by myself before and it felt a bit odd


Day 198: we were sent some Baby Shark toys to review and they are now firm favourites! Check out my competition to win a Baby Shark puzzle!

Day 199: end of year disco for Matthew and Anya. Difference between boys and girls: girls dress up in their finest, boys go in whatever!

Day 200: playing zombies in the garden. Think Ollie was a bit confused…

Day 201: bright sunshine but we’d had really heavy rain just hours earlier.


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  1. hope they enjoyed the school disco, she does look very pretty and I agree with the comment on the differences.
    Think you deserved to treat yourself.
    Little kids follow the older siblings without really knowing what they are doing. .

  2. Lovely pictures and your children look so adorable, especially where your daughter is dressed in her finest and where they all are acting like zombies in the garden. Baby Shark!!! (dodododododo) 😛

  3. What a lovely photo of you in the sun. That is lovely seeing Zach play with the words and letters. I’ve never eaten out on my own. I would find it uncomfortable I think x

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