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#Project365 2019 week 42


Day 286: follow on from the the final photo from last week and the tech and rain continues. This time, though, the kids are showing off their skills to my mum
Day 287: Zach helping with the washing…or not!

Day 288: Speaking of Zach, he has been a nightmare at preschool so I had to go in at lunchtime to reassure him. First time I’ve had a packed lunch in a while! (needed to borrow Anya’s lunch box as I haven’t owned one in over 20 years!)

Day 289: I may have gone a little overboard at the Sainsburys toy sale…

Day 290: there is a vampire in the house! Anya went to her school Halloween disco but she looks so different! Growing up too fast, losing teeth and new hair cut: not my baby girl any more! 7 going on 17…

Day 291: big changes are coming to my parents in the end of this year: my dad is retiring and my mum has decided to get rid of her car which she has had for over 20 years!

Day 292: my first ever attempt at carving a pumpkin and I am not so secretly proud of mysef!

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  1. never carved a pumpkin, prefer to cook with them. Don’t forget to put it out the back after it has served its purpose for wildlife to eat.
    they do grow up all to quick.
    Ziggy has not settled overly well at nursery either so is just in half a day, DD2 hoping she stays a full day next week when they go back.

  2. Ahh! Kids and their tech. My girls keep trying to show my dad what they’re doing with theirs. He just nods and smiles. He isn’t very good with technology.
    Oh no! I hope things are better with Zach at preschool soon.
    I am guessing the toys are for Christmas. It makes sense to buy in the sales.
    What a scary vampire you have. She does look so grown up!
    Well done with the pumpkin! It looks fab! x

  3. the pumpkin looks great and will last much longer with larger, chunkier carvings. You make me feel old talking about your dad retirement and we’re countdown now for my husbands retirement

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