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#Project365 2019 week 47

Day 321: I’m shivering indoors and Anya is playing outside without a coat!

Day 322: Zach just won’t keep still this week and learning Russian continues… But the big news is that he pooed on the toilet at last. Goodbye nappies! I’m sure Chris had a tear in his eye with pride and sadness at Zach growing up.

Day 323: a full day of exam invigilation

Day 324: loving my sparkly purple top! Considering it’s my favourite colour, I really don’t have many purple clothes!

Day 325: OK so I don’t allow Christmas until 1st December but sneakily eating Christnas tree shaped tortillas doesn’t count…

Day 326: true love is letting your daughter put the last piece in your puzzle. When I was at uni, my housemates completed a puzzle together and I couldn’t think of anything weirder. In those days I never thought I would go to the toilet in front of anyone, strange how motherhood changes a person!

Day 327: Zach’s first ever invite to a party and he loved it!

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  1. Kids just don’t feel the cold!! My youngest will happily go out without a coat and I need about 6 layers at least. lol
    Well done Zach with using the toilet.
    Ahh! I’ve been eating so much Christmas themed food lately. We do need to test everything before December. hehehe x

  2. Anya’s looking cute with the skipping rope in the pretty lawn. Yayy!! Zach learned how to potty!! 😀 OoOoOoo I love purple. The tortilla chips look fancy and that isa very intricate puzzle of the Disney princesses.

  3. Well done Zack thats brilliant, I wish I could get Kipper to do the same….
    Love the purple top and I think I am going to be getting some Christmas tree shaped Tortillas
    I still haven’t done a puzzle as an adult, maybe I should give it a go.

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