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#Project365 week 10

Day 62: family day with my sister and her children. We forgot to get any pics until we were all leaving: Zach was not being cooperative!


Day 63: every single morning starts like this! Zach comes in during the night and gradually pushes us out! I start where his feet are (I always like to lay on the edge) but end up in the bed to protect Chris from Zach’s wriggling. Chris leaves for work and I get pushed to the far side and then all the way out! How much space does one boy need?!

Day 64: cheeky smile from this one today as we were sent a new book, a classic that I’ve never read: Guess How Much I Love You and toy hare (check out my review and giveaway!)

Day 65: Anya has been super critical this week. My bathroom floor did not meet her standards of cleanliness. My legs are hairy. This is a personal attack on my womanly skills! Going to wait 30 years for her to have her own home and family and see how she likes it!
Day 66: World Book Day and Matthew was one of the few children who chose a nonfiction book (about dinosaurs so not a surprise to my regular followers!)

Day 67: Anya’s school celebrated World Book Day a day late (no idea why!) and she was desperate to go as Elsa as she has the book so I couldn’t argue

Day 68: a big day (and night!) for Anya as she heads off for her first ever sleepover with Beavers. It just happens to be at a trampoline park…


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  1. I hope the Beavers sleepover went well! What a lovely photo of all the kids, with an uncooperative Zach at the front! So sorry to hear that you couldn’t meet Anya’s high standards! What will she be like when she’s a teenager?!

  2. hehehe! Zach looks so angry in the first photo. He looks like he’s really taken over your bed. Eek!
    Aww! I remember Guess How Much I Love You from when my girls were little. Such a sweet book.
    What a fab dinosaur and Elsa you have.
    I hope Anya had a fab time at the sleepover! x

  3. Hope the sleepover went well. I often get N in bed with me (usually if he’s got a bit of a cold), but luckily he’s quite a ‘tidy’ sleeper and stays in one side.

  4. Kipper does the same with the bed! Drives me bonkers one minute and then the next I have to remind myself he is the last baby and so I should make the most of it. Hope the sleepover went well? Monkey has his first one in a couple of weeks time. He is so excited!

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