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#Project365 week 14

Day 90: Mother’s Day gifts and cards from my cuties. I’m particularly pleased with the DIY wrapping paper 🙂

Day 91: we walk past this tree every day on the school run and over the weekend it has burst into blossom! So pretty in pink!

Day 92: Zach is enthusiastic but not very capable when playing hide and seek 😀

Day 93: such a strange misty morning, very atmospheric at the green by the school

Day 94: bath time! Do you ever bath with the kids? Mine think it is great fun and I usually end up soaked when I’m NOT in it…
I am not comfortable with my body after 3 children, the extra weight that gaoned after being bed- and housebound last year with vertigo (I just can’t shift it!), ezcema from my unknown allergies. But I don’t want the kids to lose confidence in their bodies so try not to dwell on the negatives in front of them.
Day 95: my second day of learning to crochet. Yesterday I spent 3 hours and made a wonky rectangle. Today I spent 2 hours and managed a snowflake. Seriously, I impress myself sometimes

Day 96: starting off the Easter holidays with a superhero party for Anya and a Hornby train session for Zach and Matthew. Meanwhile Chris and I tried not to spend a fortune in Hobbycraft…


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  1. Aww! What lovely Mother’s day gifts. The wrapping paper is very cute!
    All the blossom is so pretty. I do love this time of year.
    That snowflake looks fab! I wouldn’t know where to start with crocheting x

  2. that snowflake is great, I keep meaning to learn some new stitches to do something different.
    Your bath must be quite big to get you all in.
    Ziggy tries to play hide and seek but is not good at it either, but then I would not expect a 2 yr old to be…..it is comical though

  3. I love Anya’s superhero outfit! I have never bathed with my kids. I don’t have any body issues, but it’s not something I’ve ever done. It’s great that you’re able to do it. Well done on the crochet, it looks lovely. Lovely Mother’s Day presents. I’m a huge Queen fan and absolutely love Bohemian Rhapsody!

  4. I totally understand the esire to spend money in Hobbycraft. They sure do have lots of lovely things. Your crochet work is fantastic and The Greatest Showman is a brilliant film – I preferred it over La La Land. #365

  5. Lovely Mother’s day gifts, and the wrapping paper is very special too. How pretty is that blossom, and hide and seek photo made me smile. Misty landscape is beautiful. And so are you!

  6. I use to make handmade wrapping paper for my mum too! How lovely. Heeee heee on the hide and seek! Kipper is the same. Hope you didn’t spend too much in Hobbycraft – think you are a natural at crochet x

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