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#Project365 week 20

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Day 132: a new addition to our railway! Flying Scotsman is a super special engine and we were so excited to see it in real life in 2016.

Day 133: Zach LOVES the outdoors (complete opposite to me!) and is happy attacking trees with sticks and exploring minibeast habitats. Or digging in mud with his bare hands…


Day 134: worked all day, invigilating 2 exams then went out for a meeting in the evening so had a quick pitstop with a vegan wheat free ice cream from Marks and Spencer. Sat in the sunshine despite my above statement about not liking the outdoors!

Day 135: Ollie and his shadow, soaking up the sunshine


Day 136: crinkle hair!


Day 137: are leggings suitable for work? My work clothes are stilll packed away at Mum and Dad’s house from before I went on maternity leave with Matthew. I’ve been working every day this week and hope I was smart enough!

Day 138: a day out with friends at Virginia Water. Crazy faces time for the camera…

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  1. Wow! That looks like a fantastic train set!
    Zach looks so at home outisde. I am more of an indoor person too. hehehe
    Ahh! I think leggings are OK for work as long as they’re dressed up a bit with a smart top.
    hahaha! I love the crazy faces x

  2. I suppose that depends on where you work and what you do but I would think for 99% of workers leggings are fine with a nice top.
    I love to walk and admire nature but not a play in the mud with my kids type of person.
    Going to have to take a trip to M&S I think

  3. Wow to see it in real life that’s fab! I hope the job is going well? The leggings are fine. Most of my old work clothes are still packed away too as I’ve never lost the weight! I have never been to Virgina Water but would like to. I’ve often thought about going is there much to do there?

  4. The Flying Scotsman looks cool, a great addition to your collection. I’m sure the leggings are fine for most jobs, as long as you were a relatively long-ish top. The last photo made me smile – those faces!

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