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#Project365 week 3

Day 13: a special treat for us and our first attempt at eating out as vegans. We have discovered a newly opened burger restaurant and takeaway, Miami Burger in Reading, where EVERYTHING is vegan, woohoo!!!

Day 14: Zach’s version of hide and seek. Basically if he can’t see you then you can’t see him. I seem to win this game all the time… 🙂

Day 15: surprise extra swim for Matt. Chris has started giving him lessons to build confidence before a Cubs trip to the pool next month

Day 16: someone was awake at 5am. Someone fell asleep on the morning school run. Someone’s mum did not get a rest…

Day 17: Anya wanted extra freckles and make up

Day 18: ice ice baby! Anya draws on my car whenever she can!

Day 19: Chris has made a guitar! Here is Anya trying it out!

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  1. Wow this burgers looks great. The hide and seek cracked me up. I hope you managed to catch up on some sleep since you were up so early. I would never have guessed that guitar was home made its brilliant!

  2. The vegan restaurant sounds lovely. Are you all vegans now? We’re very much a mixed bunch here.
    Lol @ Zach hiding, so cute. The stick lady on a car would make a great book cover design for a scary thriller. 🙂
    Anya is very pretty.

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