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#Project365 week 9


Day 55: enjoying our day out at the Reading Brick Show

Day 56: Anya started a new topic at school and had to go in as a detective

Day 57: OMG what gorgeous weather! Just look at that blue sky and blossom is making an appearance…

Day 58: on the way home from Zach’s parents’ evening. Feeling very proud of my 3 little ones

Day 59: this is the state of my lounge floor every single day 🙁 thanks Zach

Day 60: whilst watching TV on the sofa, Zach loves to sit on my shoulders then leap off. It isn’t fun, for me at least… But I think my hair looks nice in this pic so I’m not complaining too much 😀

Day 61: the Beavers and Cubs were out in force to support the local common spring clean. Matthew was not happy with the discarded nappy!


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  1. I don’t blame him. I wouldn’t be impressed with the nappy either! I am loving all the blossom although its been so windy today that I think we may have lost a lot of it locally. My lounge floor looks similar. I couldn’t bring myself to today it today for the hundredth time so it still looks like that today! Lovely picture of the three of them on the way home from parents evening the sun is beautiful. Your hair does look great in that picture x

  2. It must have taken hours to construct that lego structure. Spring has certainly sprung too. Now I’ve spotted one bit of blossom I’m seeing it all over the place. #365

  3. Nappies are like dog poop, bag them and take then home and bin them, no excuse not to.
    The Brick Shows are amazing, so much work and thought goes into each model.
    Well done on another good parents evening.

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