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#Project365 2021 week 10

Day 66: despite the fact that she hasn’t worn her leotard in about 3 years, Anya squeezed back into it to give Zach a dance lesson


Day 67: back to school! Smiley faces at the end of the day 😀

Day 68: first doctor’s appointment in 18 months. Very strange and a little bit overwhelming to be in a public place

Day 69: the focus that Star Wars deserves (please note that even in the depths of winter, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are pants days according to Zach!)

Day 70: local daffodils are finally blooming but sadly not the ones in our garden 🙁

Day 71: not the Friday we expected. I got a phone call at 8.10 to say that Anya’s class bubble had to self isolate due to a positive case. Matthew headed to school then 5 minutes later I got another phone call to say siblings needed to stay home too. I called my work to find out about me and Zach and were told we were fine to go in so we left and met Matthew in floods of tears heading back towards home as he’d got in a panic about the school not being safe. He stayed home even though the school said they had given the wrong advice in the second call and wanted him in but he was in no fit state emotionally to go in.

Day 72: am I the only person who is excited about the census? The leaflet is even purple!

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  1. Isn’t it only the person in that bubble who has to self isolate? Then if they have symptoms/test positive you will all need to self isolate too? I’m so confused by it all but the school should have known the correct procedure! Love the dance lesson. I wish mine would watch Star Wars like that #365

  2. I love census time too, although we’ve got lodgers at our address who don’t share our kitchen so it gets a bit more complicated in making sure they also fill it in. Can’t remember what we did last time here was one. Hopefully there’s no more positive cases – shame they had to isolate so quickly into being fully back at school

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  4. Oh no about the covid cases at school and the confusion that upset Matthew. Anya is looking more and more like you as she’s growing. Hope your Dr’s appointment went well.

  5. The dance lesson looks like great fun! Sorry to hear about Anya’s needing to isolate, and Matthew getting upset for the wrong advice. It is stressful.
    Children look happy to be back at school. Can’t say that I’m excited about census, I haven’t even looked at it yet.

  6. Love that photo of Anya giving Zach a dance lesson. Sorry to hear that there has been a positive case in Anya’s bubble and that Matthew was so upset by it all and being sent home and then school changing their advice. So stressful. Hope you all stay well. #project365

  7. Sorry to hear that Anya has had to isolate and what a nightmare that your son had to aswell. I work in a supermarket and am used to busy places, but for some reason it all seems too busy at the moment

  8. Lovely to see their happy faces after returning to school. I am all about layers for warmth, some children just don’t feel the cold do they! Such a shame Anya had to isolate so soon. Hope Matthew feels better now with everything, its all so confusing.

  9. So happy to know they are back in school but yes it traumatising for kids too to be constantly told they have to isolate whenever they are in contact with any positive case
    the daffodils look lovely..

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