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#Project365 2021 week 11

Day 73: Mother’s Day. I took some nice posed pics of the kids but actually decided that the natural ones of them playing together are my favourites

Day 74: back to home learning again as Anya self isolates due to a positive case in her class. Oh joy…

Day 75: excitement for Zach as his class got some eggs yesterday and when we went in this mornng the first ducklings had hatched

Day 76: impressive just how far chocolate milk can spread 😀

Day 77: a surprise takeaway as I felt a bit grotty. We haven’t had McDonald’s in months and it was glorious!

Day 78: the ducklings are so cute and the cheeping noise is adorable!

Day 79: picked up my new glasses!


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  1. What a lovely photo of the kids playing on Mother’s day.
    Oh no, that’s rubbish about the positive case in Anya’s class. I hope the home learning went well.
    Aww! The ducklings are so cute!
    Ohh! I keep thinking about a McDonalds. It’s been nearly 2 years since we’ve had one. The nearest one is 2 bus rides away. x

  2. Oh no not homeschooling again! I wish my daughters school would hatch some eggs, she would love it. We have had a few takeaways over the last few months as it seems to be the only thing we can treat ourselves to these days 🙂

  3. Sorry to hear about Anyas class hope the homeschooling is going okay? Love the chicks they are so much bigger than I thought they would be. Yum to Maconalds, although we have not had one here for a while. But we do succumb to an Indian take out every other Friday!

  4. Lovely photo of children playing on Mother’s day. The ducklings are very cute. What do you do with them when they grow older? Do they go to a farm?
    Sorry to hear Anya is back to home-schooling. My guys love McDonalds, especially their milkshakes and McFlurry.
    Your new glasses suit you really well. And lol @ the chocolate mouth.

  5. The casual pic of the kids… they are my favourite… those e teeny tiny ducklings are so cute..my god.. if my daughter sees this pic, she is sure going to ask me for pet ducks hehe.. the new glasses suit you very well..

  6. How lovely to see the ducklings, they are adorable, I think my boys would be over the moon watching them hatch. You look lovely in your new glasses. Glad you enjoyed your McDonalds, we haven’t had one in ages but that might change now we can travel further.

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