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#Project365 2021 week 13

Day 87: a little bit of tree climbing before 9am on a Sunday morning 😀

Day 88: poor little man full of cold but having fun with the Push Poppers we were sent to review

Day 89: basking in the sunshine and I managed to unearth some chalks that have been sat in our house for over 5 years!

Day 90: pretty in pink on the way home from school

Day 91: the kids requested fortune cookies when we got our takeaway and this was Zach’s. Trying not to panic as he gets delusions of grandeur…

Day 92: Easter holidays officially began with a trip to Mum and Dad’s garden

Day 93: less than a week later and the tree is blooming. Spring is in the air and I’m feeling excited about the next two weeks together and the rest of 2021 as lockdown restrictions continue to relax

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  1. The tree climbing looks like great fun! What a way to start your Sunday.
    I hope your little man is feeling better now. One of those push poppers is top of my youngest girls list to buy next time we go to town. x

  2. Looks like they’ve had fun in the trees. Nice to be able to visit your parents. It’s nice to think 2 weeks of holiday isn’t it (although I’m still working one week of i).

    • Wow tree climbing before 9am on a Sunday is impressive timing! Sounds fun.

      We love chalk, keeps my two busy for ages.

      Love the pretty pink blossom, so lovely to see the signs of spring.

  3. A lot of pictures outside, the lovely weather makes it irresistible to stay indoors. We’ve had longer and more walks too. The magnolia looks gorgeous, I love love them.

  4. So lovely that you got to see family. We did the same over Easter weekend. Love the magnolia they are one of my favourites. The fortune cookies are a great idea too and those push poppers are everywhere at the moment.

  5. I am impressed your up and out so early on a Sunday morning! My eldest likes a lie in these days until 10am so we never seem to move quite so fast. Although my youngest is usually up and about. Chalks are so much fun outside aren’t they! Mine still bring them out on occasion. haha about the fortune cookie message, I wouldn’t hear the last of it if one of my boys got that message! Beautiful pretty pink flowers!

  6. Tree climbing is always a fun thing to do. My younger one loves climbing on the apple tree in our garden. And yay for the chalks! I loved drawing on the pavement as a child, and was very proud to win a drawing competition in the central park when I was 7.
    Love magnolia in bloom, so pretty. Hope your little man has fully recovered by now.

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