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#Project365 2021 week 16

Day 108: last day of the Easter holidays and we had an early start with a bike ride at 8am.

Day 109: first school run of the new term and what fantastic weather we had all week!

Day 110: Zach was thrilled when his new Imagimake Mapology sets arrived. He used his birthday money to buy them after spotting them on Youtube.

Day 111: negative covid test, snacks and the TV controls. Average night for me!

Day 112: out after dark! I had a meeting and it felt a little odd to be walking home at night

Day 113: super smiley boy! Zach completed his smiley chart at school and was awardrd this in assembly. Yet another example of the way things have changed due to covid, I would have been invited in to watch him previously 🙁

Day 114: I must admit that the thought of going for a run did not appeal in the slightest. Getting up early on a day when I don’t have to get the kids ready for school or go to work myself was a struggle. But I’m so glad I did it! After an exhausting first week back at school, 3 evening meetings, plus the usual cooking, running around after the kids etc, it was glorious to be alone with my own thoughts (even when there were none!) and cheesy 90s pop music. Goodness: my eyes look tired in this pic though!

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  1. The weather has been fantastic hasn’t it.
    The Mapology set looks great. I haven’t seen that before.
    Ahh! Tv controls and negative Covid tests are my Wednesday evenings too.
    I can’t remember the last time I was out when it was dark.
    Well done Zach with the award. x

  2. Love the mapology, looks fun. Shame you missed out with the school assembly award, if I’m honest I’m glad those days are behind me. I find it strange being out in the UK at night time as I’m used to almost 24 hour daylight here in Dubai, they never turn the lights off and it’s rarely dark

  3. I like the look of the Imagimake Mapology set, what a fun way to help learn geography. Might have to get some of those for Sophie. Well done to Zach for completing his smiley chart. Glad you enjoyed getting out for a run and having time for yourself. #project365

  4. Your good getting your family out at 8 am for a bike ride. There would have been lots of moaning here lol I don’t think I have been out in the dark for ages either. Well done Zach on your award. Don’t tell anyone I have quite liked not having to go to the schools quite so much. We have covid test Sundays lol #365

  5. Oh wow 8am bike ride you are good although I always feel so much better when I am up early and doing things! You should be careful walking home on your own at night. I think it is so important to get your own head space. Well done you on doing things for yourslef.

  6. Well done being up and out on a bike ride that early in the morning! How lovely he spent his money on something educational, all mine do is buy sweets or upgrades for their games these days haha. Well done Zach but sorry you couldn’t join him to watch the assembly. Covid does keep putting a dampener on things! x

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