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#Project365 2021 week 26

Day 178: I got totally fed up with getting splashes of cooking fat down my clothes so have finally invested in an apron. Purple of course!

Day 179: the kids are still poorly so another day off but they’d perked up by the end of the day. Zach is OBSESSED with the Wii!

Day 180: it’s coming home! Our two goal scorers, Kane and Sterling, after ending 55 years of hurt!

Day 181: so then I got ill. I hoped to catch up with work and chores but ended up feeling so rough I was in bed all day for the first time since I had vertigo a few years ago. Perfectly acceptable to spoil myself with some new vegan sweets…


Day 182: say hello to the eyeball burning guitar Chris has made for a guitar making competition. Please vote for him with a heart here: https://greatguitarbuildoff.com/products/chris-franklyn


Day 183: playing Foul Play, a murder mystery card we game we were sent to review



Day 184: being out run by a snail but at least I was trying! Struggle to get out of bed but so glad I forced myself even if my times were rubbish 🙂


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  1. I keep thinking about buying myself an apron when I’m cooking. Yours looks fab!
    I’m glad the kids are feeling better. We are still loving the Wii too.
    That guitar looks fab! Good luck to Chris, I voted for him. x

  2. I loved England’s games! What about the one from last night?! 4-0!!!! I was ecstatic.

    You have a picture with Rowntree’s pastilles and I mentioned reading the history of Rowntree in my round-up, that’s a funny coincidence. :)) Also, I love the purple apron, it’s a gorgeous colour.

  3. Love the purple apron. Sorry to hear that you and the kids have been unwell; hope you are now feeling better. I love the guitar that Chris made – it looks amazing. Good luck to him with the guitar building competition – I did click the link but couldn’t work out how to give him a heart. #project365

  4. Hope you are feeling better by now? I like the look of the card game, I am looking for small things to travel with so will have to find out more. I will also pop over and vote, hopefully I am not too late x

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