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#Project365 2021 week 27

Day 185: steaming through Sunday (a pun for Matthew 🙂 ). I’m sure the time at weekends goes at double speed!

Day 186: too tired to cook for myself after Pilates so a quick nachos

Day 187: our first transition visit to Matthew’s secondary school to meet his tutor and have a tea party

Day 188: almost unbearable to watch but sooooo happy with the result! I am so pleased for Gareth Southgate as I vividly remember the devastation of the penalties in 1996.

Day 189: Sports Day and Anya won both of her races. Matthew won one of his too.

Day 190: school reports for Matthew and Anya. Glowing! Proud mummy yet again 🙂

Day 191: 7.30am children sleeping over at my parents’, 4km run completed, bath enjoyed, hair washed, ants fed, washing on. Time for a biscuit breakfast and a cup of tea. Happy weekend everyone!

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  1. That looks like a fab train set and those nachos look so tasty.
    I hope the transition for Matthew to secondary school goes well.
    Well done to the kids with their school reports. You have every reason to be proud. x

  2. Well one to Matthew and Anya for their glowing school reports. We had one here too this week. Makes you so proud doesn’t it. Hope the transition to secondary goes well for Matthew.

  3. Hope Matthew enjoyed his transition day and well done kiddies on the reports. You have every right to be a proud mummy. I hope you also enjoyed your night off while they were at their grandparents. What do you feed ants?

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