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#Project365 2021 week 3

Day 17: a bit of a wet muddy walk but it was good to be outside and enjoying some fresh air

Day 18: 8am and straight to work!

Day 19: cup of tea and some vegan chocolate for breakfast? Yes, why the heck not! (Me obviously, not the kids! They’d never get away with it under my roof!)

Day 20: snuggled up with Harry Potter before bedtime (book 1 completed on Friday night, should we charge through them all one after another?)

Day 21: Anya’s art lesson created this ancient Egyptian neck collar

Day 22: bright sun and a bright mood. Thursday night I broke and had a good cry. My third night of evening meetings loomed after home learning each morning and working from 11.30 in school. But Friday finally arrived and so did the sun 🙂

Day 23: someone is happy it is the weekend!

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  1. That is a very muddy walk but it is so nice to get outside, isn’t it? The kids look very cosy listening to Harry Potter. I do like Anya’s Egyptian neck collar. It is so hard having home-schooling all day and then evening meetings – I’ve been the same this week too. Sorry that it all got too much for you on Thursday evening. Thank goodness for the weekend. Hope you can find some time to relax and recover from the week. #project365

  2. Oh gosh, that was a muddy walk. It’s good to get out though.
    hahaha! I am the same when it comes to breakfast. Do as I say, not as I do.
    Aww! How lovely to be reading Harry Potter with the kids. I would charge through all the books if the kids are enjoying them.
    What a happy face from Zach. I think we all feel like that when it gets to the weekend x

  3. Gosh that is a muddy walk! YYYYYYeeeeeeesssssss… you need to totally charge through the Harry Potter books! Definitely keep the magic flowing uninterrupted! I’m with you, I broke down on Thursday too and had a cry and do you know what… it’s totally acceptable! However, dust yourself off and keep on cracking chick, you’ve got this! Sim x

  4. Just look at that muddy puddle! I think Harry Potter books get darker and darker as the series progresses. Chocolate for breakfast sounds right for me.
    Anya’s Egyptian collar is beautiful, and she is so pretty! Sorry you felt stressed, but there are times when we all need a good old cry.

  5. Oh bless you, I think we all need a cry every now and again. Our walks are very much the same at the moment full of mud and I am fed up of having the washing machine on!! Yay for Harry Potter yes I think you should although by about book five they do really start to get dark so perhaps see how you go once you get there.

  6. Wow he is keen straight to work at 8am! I am struggling to get my teen up now the builders aren’t here anymore! Awww they look so cute snuggled up for storytime! I almost lasted the month without chocolate treats, but folded today and had some chocolate biscuits! I am very supportive of chocolate for breakfast!!! x

  7. Those vegan cookies … 😀 Do they have online classes at 8 AM ? I feel for these kids who have to sit in front of the screen in the mornings! The Egyptian neck collar looks very colourful and his weekend smile is all of us, isn’t it? ;d

  8. Sometimes we need a good cry and it’ll often be at the smallest of things. Glad you were feeling better by Friday. Love Anya’s art lesson and good to see the kids wanting to learn, esp at 8am on a Monday morning. What a muddy puddle, Bob would love that

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