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#Project365 2021 week 38

Day 262: my first ever attempt at a bread and butter pudding for Chris and the kids using my mum’s recipe from her 1970s cookbook!

Day 263: a late night out at a PTA meeting.

Day 264: new Fitbit badge after 1 year and 2 days of wearing it every day

Day 265: Anya loved playing with these light up Crystalina dolls we were sent to review

Day 266: snail or slug eggs maybe?

Day 267: urrrgghhh I put the washing off until Friday evening and then had a mountain of socks. None of them are mine as it isn’t sock weather yet!!!

Day 268: I didn’t realise how late the sun was rising until I went for my run at 6.30am and the street lights were still on. It was a lot darker than it looks in this pic!


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  1. The darker evenings/mornings seem to come in a lot faster than they disappeared in Spring! I’m not such a fan of bread and butter pudding, but I do a version with croissants instead and that’s much nicer.

  2. Oh my word, those socks….. the green eggs could be shield bugs. My mum used to make my favourite bread and butter pudding for years, my favourite was bread pudding, I can’t stand it the other way round, but it always looks good

  3. The dark mornings have really caught me by surprise this week. it is like someone has flipped a switch and its Autumn all of a sudden. Well done on the fit bit badge and the bread and butter pudding looks yummy,

  4. Did your guys enjoy the bread and butter pudding? I haven’t cooked it in ages, my favourite is made with brioche rolls.
    Eeew @ the snail eggs, that picture gives me the heebie-jeebies.
    The mornings are definitely much darker now, I notice it when I get up before everyone else. And yep, the same here with the socks…

  5. Your bread and butter pudding looks lovely!

    I am dreadful with my fitbit – charging it now funnily enough but soon as charge runs out it takes me weeks to remember to do it again! I don’t think I’d even get a week badge so well done you!

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