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#Project365 2021 week 45

Day 312: watching fireworks from the comfort of our home

Day 313: how is my baby old enough to go away on a residential trip for a whole week?!

Day 314: new topic at school and we dressed as witches and wizards for an immersion day. My costume is an age 11-12 dress and age 7-8 hat!

Day 315: a work night out to do some pottery painting at Mrs Potts’ Place in Camberley. Can’t wait to see it glazed and fired, plus already planning a return trip!

Day 316: 100 days on Duolingo and no breaks so far!

Day 317: a very proud mummy moment as Zach got his smiley face badge and certificate

Day 318: breakfsast this week has mostly been mince pies, feeling Christmassy!


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  1. What a great photo of the fireworks, whenever I try to take one of them it ends up blurry.
    I hope Anya had a great time on the residential trip. The suitcase is almost as big as her. hehehe
    I love your pottery. How cute. x

  2. Hope the residential went well. N didn’t get to go on their last year due to Covid, so hopefully it’ll happen this year. I love doing painting pottery – haven’t done it since N was small

  3. Wonderful photo of the fireworks! Hope the residential went well. Mine didn’t go last year, and I’m kind of glad, as I know I’d have been a big anxious mess. You look cute as a witch, and goodness, how petite are you to get into a kid’s costume! I’m envious. The pottery snowman is lovely. Well done to Zach!

  4. How lovely to see the fireworks from home, that’s the one thing I really miss about Dubai are the firework displays. Love the halloween costume. The pottery painting looks fun. Bet you missed her on her school residential, how did it go?

  5. I love the pottery painting you did, I collected my reindeer this week and liked seeing the colour transform once fired and glazed. Can’t wait to see your finished too. How did you manage to squeeze into an age 11-12 dress! I am impressed, no chance I would especially after this week of indulgence I have had lol. Hope your daughter had a fab residential trip, its nice things like that are back on for our kids isn’t it.

  6. Hope the residential went well and that Anya enjoyed herself! Love the costume. The snowman pottery looks amazing you did a great job cant wait to see what it looks like when it’s fired. I have not been to a pottery place for a long time. Well done Zach.

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