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#Project365 2021 week 7

Day 45: We have a family tradition of not having pancakes on Shrove Tuesday so I made myself a quick Sunday snack of drop pancakes. Vegan and gluten free if you want to check out the recipe

Day 46: some wildlife spotting by the river. I finally saw the kingfisher but couldn’t get a pic 🙁 We also spotted my parents out for their daily exercise!

Day 47: Matthew is obsessed with dinosaurs again so spent a lot of this rainy week on the PS4

Day 48: a brief respite to the rain and the kids went out to play in our bog-like garden

Day 49: another rainy day and more baking. Two types of cakes and shortbread

Day 50: quick, the rain’s stopped, get outside!

Day 51: a little bit of den building


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  1. Cool den, love that the dog’s holding it all in place! Weather’s been really mixed here – some nice blue skies then a bit murkey and very windy the rest of the time.

  2. the drop pancake sounds amazing.. it is so lovely that your parents live nearby and I felt a tinge of sadness when I saw your kids talking to their grandparents n a socially distanced manner..oh covid what have u done to grandparents-grandkids relationships…. haha the den looks fun!!

  3. We had very similar weather over half term, so annoying. Good, you managed to get out. The den looks great fun, we are also dino obsessed here and Charlie will spend hours on dinosaur game to given half a chance!

  4. I haven’t heard of drop pancakes. This was the first year we had pancakes on pancake day. How lovely to bump into your parents on your walk. My son would love to walk at the beach where my parents live but I think it’s too far for us to travel to at the moment. Love the den, perhaps I should build one for myself ;0) #365

  5. Oooh I like the look of those drop pancakes, will have to give your recipe a try. So cute the dog getting involved in den building too, getting close to the action to nap! My two had a bit too much time on screens over half term. But it seems to keep them happy, that dinosaur game your son likes is a good one.. Cake and shortbread yum! I need to do some baking.

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