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#Project365 2021 week 8

Day 52: OMG I made the baked feta pasta that is everywhere and it was amazing! I used a tin of chopped tomatoes to make life easier and quicker and I think this is now my favourite recipe!

Day 53: half term gone but Zach was happy to be heading back in to school to see his friends.

Day 54: working hard. Matthew has had some particularly tricky Maths this week combining algebra with coordinates. I’m sure we didn’t do that until Year 8 or 9, certainly not Year 6!

Day 55: first sign of spring! Looking back at this week from previous years there has been blossom but I haven’t seen any yet. I wonder if it is late due to that very cold week where it snowed every day?

Day 56: Anya had some artwork to do, looking up at nature

Day 57: morning school run for Zach and I dragged the other two away from their work to enjoy some sun. One week to go until we can wave goodbye to home learning and do this every morning!

Day 58: sometimes all you need is love…and a heart shaped crisp!

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  1. I hope the children are looking forward to going back to school full time, will make your lives much easier, especially with the home learning, I think I gave up being able to support my children around year 5 with homework lol.

  2. That pasta looks so good! Yum, yum.
    Wow! Go Matthew. My youngest is in year 9 and they have been doing algebra with coordinates just today. I didn’t understand any of it. lol x

  3. I know both of mine are excited to go back and see their friends. Wow that maths does sound tricky! I am not sure that I would know where to start. Funny I thought the same thing about blossom the other day but then we are not going anywhere, where we would see it. Hopefully the delay will mean it will be out again when we can move about.

  4. I have tried baked pasta with capers, but not on pasta, it does sound tasty. Finding a heart-shaped crisp is lucky! 🙂
    I was good at maths in school, but find some of my son’s tasks pretty confusing now (he’s in year 6 too). Very pretty yellow crocuses! There are signs of spring everywhere, I love this time of the year, with early flowers.

  5. That baked feta pasta does look good! So very tempted. That heart shaped crisp is awesome! I have to get my eldest to help when it comes to tricky maths haha. It’s all getting far too complicated for me. Heaven knows how I passed all my exams all those years ago.

  6. I have been wanting to do the baked feta cheese 🙂 I should try it out soon!! the heart-shaped crisp… such joy in simple things of life…. i loved all the tricky math during my school years hehe I miss it now hehe

  7. What a great crisp! I need to look up that pasta it looks yummy and something the kids might eat too. I have been pushing lots of new food on them this week. I think maths is really hard now. I have no idea what things are and it’s hard to try to teach it. Let’s not mention English ;0) #365

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