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#Project365 2021 week 9

Day 59: another river walk. It feels like our direction is going to change soon, which way will we go…? One final week of home learning, yippee! But I will miss the kids 🙁
Day 60: March already! Matthew got his place at secondary school, phew!

Day 61: our first attempt at a Morrisons shop via Amazon was impressive and we loved the big paper bags and super speedy delivery

Day 62: cheeky and proud smile for completing his smiley chart

Day 63: I’m not a fan of World Book Day and was relieved when I thought we would escape it this year. However, with me working in a school and Zach therefore being a key worker child, we dressed up! Matthew and Anya couldn’t resist joining in too. I’m Big Skeleton from Funnybones  🙂

Day 64: a little bit emotional when one of the children brought in flowers for us all. This lockdown has been tough but it feels amazing to be appreciated. Fingers crossed that next week’s return goes smoothly!

Day 65: the weekend! Time to let the kids relax and just be kids. Not sure what game involves princesses, dinosaurs and vets but they’re all happy!


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  1. That is great news about your Matthew’s secondary school place.
    Ahh! I have heard of the Morrisons shop via Amazon. I didn’t know it was a thing until yesterday.
    Fab costumes for World Book day. x

  2. Great costumes. I was hopeful we’d miss it but unfortunately our school is waiting until all the children are back in. Sigh. Lovely to get flowers. Teachers and TAs at ours have definitely done an amazing job over the last year.

  3. I think the costumes are fun, although, as I don’t have children, I can just enjoy seeing others in fancy costume, without having to do anything myself. :))

  4. Love the photo of the robin on the signpost and the one of you all dressed up for World Book Day. Glad that Matthew got his place at secondary school and well done to Zach on completing his sticker chart. How lovely that one of the children bought you flowers. They’re beautiful. #project365

  5. I am also not a fan of world book day and I am sorry to say we did nothing!! How lovely to get flowers it is nice to be appreciated. Hope Matthew got the secondary school he wanted and the return to school went smoothly.

  6. A Morrisons shop through amazon prime – that sounds interesting. We are quite rural, so cannot get amazon food deliveries yet. Well done on getting your school place, bet you are so relieved

  7. Good news about Matthew’s secondary school! We were relieved to find out that we got the place in the school of our first choice for Eddie.
    Fun costumes for World Book Day! My older son loved Funnybones books, we still have a big stash somewhere.
    Love the photo of robin! I did’t know Amazon does Morrisons delivery, and well done to them for the paper bags!

  8. I love how your dog is keeping a close eye on the shopping! Well done to Matthew getting his school place. What a fab picture of them all playing nicely together. I miss mine playing with toys, its all consoles these days 🙁 But they do still love reading.

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