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#Project365 2022 week 26

Day 178: my next running challenge is underway and I’m hoping to complete 70 miles by the end of September


Day 179: Anya rollerbladed for a whole mile!

Day 180: Anya’s latest trick trying to convince us she lost a tooth. All she needed was a canine shaped stone and some red felt tip…

Day 181: my medal has arrived! Thanks again to Chris for my birthday present and well done to my little legs for all the running in June

Day 182: Duolingo once again making me giggle, last week it was a sentence for a murderer and now a bit rude sounding!

Day 183: sharing some laughs from a joke book


Day 184: very proud of Zach being invested into Beavers and making his promise

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  1. Good luck with the running challenge and well done to Anya with the rollerblading and Zach with being invested into Beavers.
    hahaha! That did make me chuckle with the fake tooth, nice try. x

  2. Congratulations on getting a medal! That trick with the tooth is something. Well done on keeping working on Duolingo. My younger one is learning Italian on Duolingo. Lol @ the phrase, it is very much double entendre. Zach looks very proud of his certificate.

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