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#Project365 2022 week 27

Day 185: the sun is shining, the sky is blue and the trees are glorious

Day 186: making up for the rubbish half term with a cousin sleepover and then an early morning walk to say hi to the cows

Day 187: someone wants wavy hair! I remember my mum plaiting my hair when I was little
Day 188: period time for me and Anya suddenly starts watching this, coincidence?
Day 189: shadow show with a dino plot

Day 190: the big news of the week, glad he’s going but I don’t actually trust any politicians at the moment so not feeling confident in his successor

Day 191: Zach went on his first Beavers hike

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  1. It was amazing that finally Boris took the pretty big ‘hint’ although it is bizarre the way the rules work in politics that mean he’s still there. My OH still thinks Boris is great because he ‘gets things done’, but he’s just so untrustworthy, and quite blatantly either a liar, or stupid he’s a joke. Although the other options aren’t any better either, and I suppose that’s a lot of why he’s got in so strongly in the past.

  2. It looks like you have had a good week. How lovely that the cousins came for a sleepover.
    Turning Red is such a great film. We loved it.
    I think the whole country is glad Boris is on his way out but you’re right, I don’t trust any of the politicians either. x

  3. Such a striking blue in the first photo! Glad the cousins could meet up and have a lovely walk together.
    Glad to see the last of the clown, he is such a despicable liar. He only lasted that long because of the military help to Ukraine. I hope it’s not Liz Truss they choose, as she would be a disaster.
    Did Zach enjoy his Beavers’ hike?

  4. Lovely to have a cousin sleepover and love the photo of the early morning walk with the cows. I’m feeling much the same with the PM going and not having a lot of confidence that his successor will be that much better. Hope that Zach enjoyed his Beavers’ hike. #project365

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