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#Project365 2022 week 34

Day 234: in advance of her birthday next month, Anya wanted to refresh her wardrobe and find her own style. Can you spot Chas waiting patiently in the background?

Day 235: new achievement for me! In July and August I have run 70 miles (finished a week earlier than planned) and completed a challenge from MedalMad

Day 236: most important time of the day! The puppies are growing so much and have loads of energy

Day 237: I’m not going to comment on this!

Day 238: early morning cuddles then the pups both fell asleep!

Day 239: I have been trying out sausage traybake recipes this week, yum!

Day 240: I had a peaceful day at home with the puppies as Chris took the kids to his mum for her birthday. They had a fab time at the beach!


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  1. Ooh the sausage traybake looks good. My OH will only eat sausages with mash, so I never really get to try them any other way. Well don on the 70 miles

    Snigger to the duolingo!

  2. Anya is looking so grown up. I love her outfit in the first pic. Good on her for wanting to find her own style.
    Well done with the running!
    We love a sausage traybake here. There is so many different variations that you can try. x

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