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#Project365 2022 week 50

Day 346: I’d seen other people’s Duolingo reports but no sign of mine until today! Pretty impressive stats in spite of the horrendous update…

Day 347: party time for Anya and Zach and they enjoyed playing a whole range of arcade games

Day 348: grooming time for the pups. Something we weren’t prepared for when we first got cockapoos! We try to do it every week or 10 days to get them used to the sensation.

Day 349: snow time! Not a lot but most of it is still here 5 days later due to the freezing conditions

Day 350: went in to school with a tummy ache and we were sent straight home again as there is a vomiting bug. We spent the day wrapped up under a blanket with a bucket next to us.

Day 351: more success from my Duolingo

Day 352: I was ready to go back to school but woke to the sound of Zach finally vomiting after two days at home. Not surprisingly, school didn’t want our germs to I was told to stay home. Another day wrapped up in a blanket, this time with a fire too. What an end to the term!

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