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#Project365 2023 week 14

Day 91: what a way to start the Easter holidays! a sleepover at Jump In trampoline park with Beavers!


Day 92: not sure this potato approved of becoming a roastie! We desperately searched for some googly eyes but couldn’t find any 🙁

Day 93: a quiet moment for skater girl as we waited for some chips

Day 94: a day late seeing cousins (their illness, not ours this time!)

Day 95: the pups have finally twigged that there are guinea pigs in the hutch… and they’re terrified of the girls!
Day 96: lunch date for me and Chris at Chiquito in Camberley

Day 97: Easter workshop at Pets at Home in Farnborough. We cuddled guinea pigs, made a foraging box, held bearded dragons, stroked geckos and snakes, and fed fish



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  1. That sounds cool having a sleepover at a jumping place. Animals are funny with other animals aren’t they. I always wonder whether they realise how different/alike they are.

  2. Wow a sleepover at a trampoline park that sounds like so much fun! Did he enjoy it? Chiquito is fab for a meal, I am obsessed with their fajitas! The mild barbecue ones. Yum making me hungry thinking about them. Those pets at home sessions sound like such a good idea!

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