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#Project365 2023 week 15

Day 99: a visit to Dymchurch and the kids had a fab time at the beach as the tide chased us back to the sea wall!

Day 100: a return trip to Hawley Open Space to walk the dogs and enjoy nature, oh and a playground!

Day 101: Zach is 7! My little baby no more… but look at his face and the joy at his candles!

Day 102: these flowers brighten my morning runs. Which is just as well as when I got home we discovered a massive water leak into our garage and our planned day out was cancelled as we tried to dry everything out!

Day 103: vegan cheese is so disappointing and claggy. I haven’t found any that melt beautifully and taste good. So many meals I make and look forward to but am always underwhelmed by the result. These nachos look good but the taste and texture just isn’t quite right

Day 104: my nephew’s 12th birthday. Me and Mum had a go at making the cupcakes look artfully arranged

Day 105: the plumber finally came! Not as simple as it first seemed hence new hole in ceiling and new pipe

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  1. It sounds like a fab trip to the beach.
    Happy Birthday to Zach! He does look so happy with his candles.
    That is a shame about the vegan cheese. I hope you find one that is good eventually. x

  2. How lovely to have a trip to the beach. What a gorgeous photo of Zach with his birthday cake. Hope he had a wonderful birthday. So sorry that you had a water leak in your garage. Hope that nothing was damaged and glad that the plumber was able to fix things. #project365

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