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#Project365 2023 week 17

Day 113: happy 1st birthday to Chas and Wurzel! We took them for a fab walk and they had so much fun!

Day 114: yes, planning is my life. So this week’s plans have gone awry due to illness and I’m not thrilled but it did give me a chance to make many updated lists!


Day 115: one of my favourite children’s books that I found at school

Day 116: did you know guinea pigs poo 100 times a day? Spot the ‘raisins’… also guess the idiot who has to clean them out every day…

Day 117: I may have become addicted to yeast extract on toast for breakfast. Just a shame that gluten free bread is so small and expensive šŸ™
Day 118: yet another school run in the rain. Doesn’t the weather know it is May next week???

Day 119: Friday night cuddles before bed

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  1. Aww! Happy birthday to Chas and Wurzel!
    I have started on Duolingo and some of the sentences do make me chuckle.
    Oh wow! That is a lot of pooing from the guinea pigs. I didn’t know they poo’d so much. x

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