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#Project365 2023 week 2

Day 7: our delayed new year visit to Chris’ mum at last. It was the dogs’ first trip to her house and they had great fun exploring the house and garden
Day 8: Mum taught Anya how to do suduku
Day 9: the new week seemed to come around very quickly! There were dozens of birds in the trees on the way home, so noisy!
Day 10: Matthew has been encouraging Chas to be a gamer, not been too successful so far!
Day 11: Wurzel is sticking with the dog toys
Day 12: panic! Quick sewing session to get Beavers badges on before Friday night
Day 13: PJ day as a treat at school. The kids go crazy for it but I can’t see the appeal!

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  1. ooh I’d love a pj day at work. The 6th formers had one last term but I was mainly in years 7-11 that day so I opted for day clothes. Hope the dog doesn’t decide the gamer control is a chew toy

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