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#Project366 2020 week 12

Day 75: a little bit of retro gaming as my dad managed to dig out this game from the 1990s!

Day 76: Anya’s homework completed: she made this vase from a plastic bottle

Day 77: Spring is on the way! Many months ago I watched the birds fledging and now the next generation is getting ready to lay their eggs at my work


Day 78: empty shelves. This was at 7.30 on Wednesday morning. Quite scary…

Day 79: more signs of Spring. Hatching ducklings at my daughter’s school (where I work)

Day 80: the final school run for now, no one knows how long it will be until the schools reopen. Mixed emotions from us all

Day 81: wine and snacks to start off the social distancing

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  1. What a pretty vase and a great way to recycle.
    The empty shelves are terrifying.
    Aww! The duckling looks very cute. My girls primary school used to hatch chicks every year. It’s such a good way for the kids to learn.
    Snacks and wine are the only way to survive the social distancing. hehehe x

  2. The supermarket shelves have been awful, but I did notice a slight improvement yesterday, so hopefully things are finally settling down. Life without school is going to be very strange – there have been mixed emotions here too.

  3. Scary times, not knowing what we’re heading into nor for how long ! The empty shelves at the supermarkets don’t help with making us feel any better, do they ?! Lovely to see the birds and the ducklings and the daffodils – spring is definitely here now 🙂

  4. How lovely to see the ducklings and the birds nesting. I love Anya’s vase. It’s so strange having the kids off school with no idea of when they’re going to be back again. The empty shelves at the supermarket are so unnerving. I’ve found that the little shops tend to be a bit better for getting essential items from. Hope you are all keeping well. #project366

  5. amazes me that shelves can be that empty so early when they are suppose to have restocked over night/
    Great vase, well done Anya.
    When we lived on the farm we had a tv screen watching the baby birds, hubby even recorded it one year

  6. Aww love the chick photos and that a really nice vase and school project!
    Its scary how empty it is still at the shops although it was nice to see fresh fruit and veg when I went this week.
    I hope this week has been kind to you and you have managed to juggle everything.

  7. Cute little game. Great work on the vase. Awwww you’ll be easy to see the bird have and raise its family! Wow, there hasn’t been that much binge shopping here. Yeah, your kids will probably miss school, whether they like it or not

  8. What a pretty vase and a great way to recycle. It looks fab. Thankfully, the supermarkets seem to have improved, I hope. Aww, those ducklings look so cute. I think alcohol and chocolate is a good way to survive these next few weeks xx

  9. I think wine and snacks are the way to go for quite a while now, the shortage of items in the stores puzzles me, I know people are home more but really? what do they all want that much loo roll for? Lovely vase and a fab way to recycle

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