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#Project366 2020 week 18

Day 117: our daily walk was not as relaxing as this photo shows as Zach fell over within the first 5 minutes and screamed for about half an hour. Here he is calm and clutching a buttercup. We also saw a fox in a field on our trek

Day 118: vegan coffee cake, super yum!

Day 119: rain won’t stop Matt playing outside!

Day 120: trying to have a nap but I had noisy, wriggly company
Day 121: as well as our weekly #ClapForCarers, Zach spontaneously drew a rainbow and was very pleased with himself 🙂
Day 122: although Zach doesn’t look happy in this pic, he was giggling hysterically at wearing Anya’s clothes. Then somehow she managed to fit in some of his!
Day 123: I have LOVED embarking on a larger cross stitch this week and am pleased with how much I have managed to do around work (3 meetings this week!) and home learning with the kids


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  1. Love the pic of Zack in Anya’s clothes.They always love trying them until they get a bit older and the influence of others and girls/boys comings in. That was a bit wet to be going out in wasn’t it.

  2. Ahh! Such a shame the walk wasn’t as relaxing as it should have been. At least you got to see a fox.
    The rain last week was rubbish. I’m glad it didn’t stop Matt playing outside. I’m sure my two will think they’d melt if rain falls on them. lol
    hehehe! That photo of Zach in Anya’s clothes did make me chuckle. He doesn’t look too impressed.
    Well done with your cross stitch. I’ve done none of mine in about a week. x

  3. Ooh, between you and Kim, you’re making we want to go and dig all my old cross stitch out of the back of the cupboard! I really don’t have time though, even with confinement ! Love the photo of the kids swapping clothes – one to bring out on his 18th birthday, I think ! That cake looks absolutely divine. I think it’s been raining everywhere this week – glad to see you got out for a walk though.

  4. kids can be hilarious when they do things like that off their own back, have to wonder how she squashed into some of his right enough.
    Oh dear at falling over, glad he calmed down eventually and no damage was done

  5. Love Zach’s rainbow and your cross-stitch. The first photo made me smile – we have a few happy family photos like that which don’t quite convey the reality of a day out! Love the photo of Zach wearing Anya’s clothes and I’m very impressed that Anya managed to fit into some of his! #project366

  6. Lovely pictures. It’s amazing how much energy kids have to scream for that long. Coffee cake looks delicious. Zach looks adorable in Anya’s clothes. The cross stitch work is amazing!

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