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#Project366 2020 week 2

Day 5: what do you think of Matthew’s blue muscular self he has created on Sims 4? Chris bought this game for me on the PS4 but I haven’t had a chance to play it yet as the kids won’t get off it!

Day 6: last day of the Christmas holidays so a relaxing chilled out day playing with presents

Day 7: back to school. The house was so quiet without them all and I spent 2 solid hours at my computer working to catch up on all my school jobs! Zach was brilliant about walking to and from school, a big change as we have binned the buggies forever!

Day 8: last week I treated myself to some new TU clothes in their sale. I haven’t ever had animal print before but really loved this top!

Day 9: first exam invigilation of the year. I was wearing new trousers: aged 12 from TU, the joy of being short…

Day 10: Victorian day for me and Anya with a school trip to Milestones Museum (cheeky bonus picture of me in my costume too 🙂 )

Day 11: I simply cannot eat enough houmous, am completely addicted, so was really happy when Chris surprised me with every flavour from Aldi

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  1. Ahh! I love The Sims 4. I play on the PC though. My youngest will happily spend her time not playing but just creating characters.
    That’s a big milestone, binning the buggy. Well done Zach for walking.
    The animal top looks fab on you and I love yours and Anya’s Victorian costumes.
    I am not a fan of houmous but my girls love it! x

  2. Happy New Year. We have also ditched the buggies recently and it is quite liberating isn’t it? Like your costumes they looks great. I also have a thing about hummus but my eldest is allergic to sesame so we don’t have it in the house. So I have to get my fix when out and about x

  3. Happy new year. Your Victorian costume is stunning! Were you invigilating for mocks? My son is doing his GCSE mocks this week and was talking about the invigilators. I’d forgotten that it wasn’t always teachers in exams. Wow, age 12 trousers – you really must be tiny. I sometimes wear age 15 or 16, as they are pretty similar to an 8 or 10, just cheaper!

  4. Both Anya and you look gorgeous in Victorian outfits. The animal print top looks good on you too.
    I love hummus, my favourite is with pine nuts. Zach looks such a big boy in that photo.

  5. I didn’t know you did exam invigilating. I bet that must be interesting. We also like all those houmous’s too (that’s not a real word is it?
    Love the costume! #project365

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