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#Project366 2020 week 20

Day 131: Sunday afternoon spent in an epic battle of good versus evil with the latest season of SuperZings

Day 132: thinking ahead to September and I decided to let Zach have the water bottle I bought him for school and he LOVES feeling grown up

Day 133: not exactly school work, but enjoying time together outdoors making a muddy mess with seeds

Day 134: a little cross stitch update and I have finished Catherine of Aragon and moved onto Anne Boleyn

Day 135: new ducklings at the river

Day 136: reading is so important, and although not technically part of the school schedule, bedtime reading is a lovely way to reinforce speaking and listening skills

Day 137: my first time out in the car for 2 months! I was a little nervous but it was fine: shame about the craziness in the supermarket though…


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  1. That cross stitch is amazing! I don’t have the patience to complete something like that, envious of your talents! Looks like it has been a great week for you all, the weather has been great for the kids to get outside and exploring, making a muddy mess is half the fun! Well done on braving the supermarket, it’s not something I am looking forward to when the time comes :/ Sim x #Project366

  2. Your cross stitch is amazing! Are you going to do all six of Henry VIII’s wives? I think I’ve finally got them all sussed, after reading the Wolf Hall trilogy. Reading is definitely very important for kids. Well done on your first drive in two months! I’ve been doing the majority of my family’s shopping, so I’ve been doing a very short drive a couple of times a week. I think I would be nervous if I’d gone two months without driving.

  3. It’s so weird going out driving isn’t it. I’m tending to nip to the local shop once a week or fortnight, but it’s feels so weird, and I don’t feel as in control of the car as I used to driving daily.

  4. My two prefer to use a water bottle around the house too instead of glasses or cups.
    Ahh! Playing in the mud and planting seeds is learning. It’s good to have a break from the normal school work.
    Well done with your cross stitch. I haven’t done any of mine for ages. Eek!

  5. Well done with the cross stitch, would love to be good at that. Great choice on the water bottle my boys have the same brand! Haven’t braved a supermarket shop yet been fortunate getting deliveries! Although I am not sure how busy they are where we live x

  6. Lovely to see the kids playing together and reading together. I agree, it can all be counted as learning – even things like cooking, when you need to use maths to increase or reduce quantities in recipes. The cross stitch looks amazing, well done ! xx

  7. Love when bigger siblings read to/with younger ones, feel it is so loving.
    Learning takes a bigger format than school work, an cooperation and turn taking are valuable skills to learn.
    That cross stitching looks stunning, mine has not been picked up for aout 4 weeks now, too many other things going on

  8. I love your cross-stitch. The children look like they were enjoying making a muddy mess with the seeds and how lovely to see the ducklings. I have hardly gone out in the car at all and I do feel a little more nervous when I venture out. Sorry to hear that the supermarket was a bit crazy though. #project366

  9. My three prefer to use a water bottle around the house too instead of glasses or cups. We have loads. We did planting seeds today it’s fund. The cross stitch looks fab x

  10. Sebby has been playing with his SuperZings too this week. Love your cross stitch, I love anything to do with Henry VIII. Sorry to hear you supermarket visit was a nightmare

  11. I have not been in the car either and I do wonder if I will remember what to do! The cross stitch is really pretty are you going to frame them? Aww so sweet when the older one reads to the younger one.

  12. The cross stitch looks so intricate, I don’t have the patience for things like that, but I have a desire to do one. I think the situation dictates we don’t have to observe school timings, learning happens throughout the day and bedtime reading to one another is a great way of learning

  13. Beautiful cross stitch with Tudor figures ( are these Henry VIII’s wives?). Lovely to see children playing together, and reading at bedtime. Of course, it is learning. My son would only use a water bottle at school, at home he has a favourite glass which I bought for posies, but he has decided it’s his. 🙂

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