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#Project366 2020 week 21

Day 138: a gorgeous rose outside our kitchen window

Day 139: a bit of down time after school work

Day 140: ready for a lesson on Shakespeare at my laptop

Day 141: I think Ollie wants something…

Day 142: this week we have begun watching SpongeBob SquarePants

Day 143: Zach checking how tall the potato plants have grown

Day 144: an early morning walk (to avoid pollen and hayfever) all on my own but I finally found the cows in our local fields

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  1. My kids used to love watching Spongebob but they seem to have grown out of it now. Your potato plants are doing brilliantly. Lovely to see the kids playing together (or at least in the same room !) and great to see you got out for a while on your own too 🙂

  2. early morning is a good time, a lot less beasties as well as pollen.
    Spud always wants to join in with the twins school work, can honestly say I have never read or studied Shakespeare in or out of school.
    The potatoes are doing well

  3. What a beautiful rose!!!!! The colour is so bright and vivid! 🙂
    I don’t envy you having to watch Spongebob, I am so glad we gave that up many moons ago!
    Hope you are having a lovely week! Sim x #Project366

  4. Ollie what a beautiful dog! That face is how my dog looks at me when she wants a treat! We have some lovely roses blooming too! Ours are a similar pink but with a bit of yellow thrown in too. Spongebob that brings back memories, my boys used to watch it all the time x

  5. Gorgeous rose, I can imagine its beautiful scent! My younger son loved SpongeBob, and I think he still watches it sometimes.
    Lovely to see you having a walk on your own, we all need a bit of peace and quiet time.
    Your potato plants look healthy. I haven’t grown potatoes in years.

  6. Your potato plants are so tall and your roses are lovely. I have never watched Spongebob, I can’t think why, I think it’s just not been something we have watched.

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