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#Project366 2020 week 22

Day 145: cross stitch update, Anne Boleyn almost done but I did make a mistake with colour on the sleeve although it isn’t too noticeable

Day 146: a little swordfighting. I’m not sure who Zach is helping or hindering

Day 147: every evening we sit down to watch a film and Anya sits next to me eating a Peperami: doesn’t she know I’m vegan?!

Day 148: the SpaceX shuttle launch was cancelled but I loved the sunset colours anyway

Day 149: early morning walk, or should that be run!

Day 150: birthday boy! Matthew is a whole 10 years old!

Day 151: my birthday! One more year to go until I’m 40…

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  1. Ahh! I wouldn’t have noticed the mistake on your cross stitch unless you mentioned it. It looks fab!
    hehehe! That did make me chuckle about Anya with her Peperami.
    I am keeping an eye on the space shuttle launch as it’s happening now.
    I hope Matthew had a great birthday and you too!

  2. Happy birthday to you and Matthew. Hope you both enjoyed your birthdays. The cross stitch looks really good. I’ve not done any since I was a child

  3. Happy birthday, to you and Matthew ! Love the photo of you with the kids. I had a good look at your cross stitch and I honestly can’t see the mistake. However, if you can, I would suggest you unpick it and do it again properly because I did this in the past, left it and it is now literally the only thing I can see on the finished work !

  4. Wow two birthdays in a week! Hope you both had fantastic days! I love your son’s dinosaur t-shirt! I love your Anne Boleyn, I can’t see a mistake. It’s getting so warm now isn’t it! Perfect sword fighting weather.

  5. I wouldn’t have noticed the mistake on your cross-stitch. It looks amazing. I kept an eye out of the space shuttle but didn’t see it. I hope Matthew had a great birthday and to you too x

  6. Happy Birthday to Matthew, I hope he enjoyed his 10th birthday, it will be one to remember! Bless, I can think of better film treats to chomp on, but whatever goes for film night! Sim 🙂

  7. Happy belated birthday to both Matthew and you! What a lovely selfie of you with all kids. My younger son likes peperami too. I buy them for him only.
    Anne Boleyn is beautiful, and the “mistake” is just an artistic interpretation of the pattern.

  8. Happy Birthday to both you and Matthew. My eldest’s birthday is very close to mine as well. Hope you both had a lovely day. I can not see any issue with Anne Boleyns sleeves so I am sure no one will ever know x

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