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#Project366 2020 week 26

Day 173: Father’s Day! Yet another strange day in lockdown and normal celebrations put on hold 🙁

Day 174: setting the kids to work with some raspberry picking in our garden!

Day 175: our single cherry won’t require a lot of harvesting energy…

Day 176: feeling hot, hot, hot! Another socially distanced visit to my parents’ garden. We all had a lovely time but Zach did say he was ‘not impressed’ with the paddling pool!

Day 177: one of Matthew’s home learning tasks was to design a rainforest so he made one out of Lego. I LOVE the waterfall!

Day 178: a fashion model I am not, but I love new clothes and was kindly sent a whole new outfit from Rydale. The jeans are super comfy and I have never owned such bright fun shoes (which Anya is VERY jealous of…)

Day 179: finally a trip to my MIL after not seeing her since New Year. It felt oddly normal as we formed a ‘bubble’ with her because she lives alone so could be in her house and not have to stay 2 metres away.


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  1. Ohh yum! What a treat to have raspberries growing in your garden. We went cherry picking, well the kids did with my dad the other day. That’s rubbish you only have one.
    hehehe! I think you’re going to have to get a bigger paddling pool just to keep Zach happy.
    Matthew’s rain forest looks fab! Well done.
    How lovely you’ve formed a bubble with your MIL. x

  2. Hope you had more raspberries than cherries. I’ve had one crop of peas. Lovely you got to see your parents and MIL. Love the lego model and that outfit looks fab on you

  3. I did a Rydale review as well bu chose a clutch purse which is great (although feeling very shortchanged given the amount that everyone else appears to have reviewed. in future I shall ask for more). Shame about the lack of cherries, but raspberries make up forthem.

  4. I love those shoes! Totally something I would rock every day, do love bold footwear!
    I am super jealous of everyone harvesting their own fruit, I really need to try and clear a space in my garden and plant some strawberry plants. Too late this year and I used to have some, but they have been overtaken by my rose bush! :/ How lovely you managed to form a bubble with your MIL, bet the kids loved it and she loved the company! Hope you are having a lovely week! Sim x

  5. Well done on the fruit growing especially the cherry (pity it’s just the one). Not done a Rydale review, but lovely to get a new outfit – I haven’t been buying clothes during lockdown, but I have got a bit bored by what I’ve got.

  6. Lovely that your children got to pick raspberries in the garden. I gave up on getting any berries in our garden, they all get eaten by the birds. I should put netting, but once a bird got trapped in the netting on the blackberry and I found it dead, after that I’m not comfortable with putting any netting.
    And how lovely that you were able to visit your MIL, you must have missed each other.
    The shoes are pretty, and you look wonderful in jeans.

  7. Love the jeans and the shoes. Well done on the fruit growing – hopefully you’ll have more cherries next year ! Lovely to hear you can form a social bubble with your mother in law. It’ll be great for the kids. I did giggle about the moaning over the paddling pool !

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