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#Project366 2020 week 28

Day 187: our first Indian takeaway in over 3 months: glorious! and we bought enough for me to last 5 whole meals

Day 188: more food but homemade this time! My vegan and gluten free version of apple turnovers


Day 189: screen time together

Day 190: second run of week 4 of the Couch to 5k and my first run in the rain


Day 191: Anya playing with my Playmobil from the early 90s, the Edwardian sets



Day 192: super cute new collectable, fab for Harry Potter fans like me!



Day 193: enjoying the freedom of being able to go inide my parents’ house and Matt was reunited with Dad’s railway and his own engines.


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  1. Ohh! Yum! That Indian takeaway looks so good. I’ve not had an Indian’s in over a year because our local one doesn’t sell the one dish I love. lol
    I read about your running on a different blog post today. I hope you are feeling less sore now.
    Aww! I loved Playmobil when I was a child and had lots of it. I wished I’d kept it for my girls because they loved it too.
    It is nice to be able to go in other people’s houses now. That train set up looks fab x

  2. How lovely to be able to go into your parents’ house again. We’ve been into my sister’s house so far, but not my parents’ yet. I hope the running is going well. You certainly look happy in that photo. The Playmobil looks great. I don’t think my mum saved any of my stuff, but she saved my sister’s Sylvanians, which my niece and nephew play with every day.

  3. Oh wow, that Indian looks amazing ! As do your apple turnovers – well done ! I’m very impressed with you going running in the rain – go you ! Great to see you catching up with your parents – the trains look great fun, and so does the Playmobil. It’s lovely when your kids play with your own childhood toys 🙂

  4. We’ve never really played with Playmobil, either in my childhood, or N. I love it when children enjoy old toys belonging to us in in the past. Well done on the running. Oh I’d kill for a curry. The OH won’t eat them, so I only get to eat one when I’m cooking for me on my own, or when we eat out and there’s one on the menu.

  5. Wow that’s a fab train set and how lovely your dad lets the kids play with it, my father never let my kids anywhere near it which was a shame. The Indian takeaway looks great

  6. We have had a few curries during lockdown and they have been amazing! Such a lovely treat meal and the night off cooking! Glad to hear you enjoyed and had leftovers too!
    The apple turnover looks lovely, I could just eat one now! 🙂 How lovely that you still have the Playmobil you played with as a child and that your daughter can now play with it! 🙂 Hope you are all having a lovely week! Sim x

  7. Ooh how lovely to have a takeaway. Love the look of your apple turnovers. Well done for keeping going on Couch to 5k. Love the 1990s Playmobile. Sophie has been playing with Jessica’s Playmobil sets a lot over the last week or so. Lovely to be able to go inside your parents’ house again and Matt looks very happy to be reunited with your dad’s railway. #project366

  8. That railway looks so impressive! What a fab set up. I love apple turnovers, you have done a great job with that! It’s nice to think your Playmobil is still much loved all these years later. The boys have some of our old LEGO. It’s so expensive its nice getting more use out of it.

  9. Glad to hear your enjoyed your Indian takeaway. I don’t remember the last time we had one. I love apple turnovers. The Playmobil set looks lovely. And that’s a fab train set! I haven’t yet spotted those Harry Potter collectables, but I bet my son would love them.
    You’re a hero to go running in the rain!

  10. How lovely to be able to go into your parents’ house again, that must make a difference. We’ve been to my mum’s house yet. I hope the running is going well. You look happy in that photo. x

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