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#Project366 2020 week 3

Day 12: bedtime on Sunday, all set for a new week but Zach will only agree to brush his teeth when sat on my shoulders


Day 13: Tesco have new trolleys so a took Zach for a spin.

Day 14: Matt was talking about Nintendo DS and I revealed that I owned one and it’s been sat in the cupboard for the last 5 years. Matthew’s reaction was priceless (‘I had no idea at lunchtime today that I would be playing on a DS by teatime!’) and now all three children are obsessed (time to buy some new games and at least one more console, I think)

Day 15: nice to manage a school run with no rain! I’m getting so fed up with getting soaked twice a day 🙁

Day 16: Zach is proud of his picture of me 😀 I think the messy hair is particularly accurate

Day 17: oh joy, we have the class bear for the weekend…

Day 18: another photo of Anya in the bear, this time following some make up time with me. I was a little overwhelmed by how grown up she looks…


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  1. Love that you got the DS out – we found our old one recently and Sophie had fun playing with it. The photo of Zach sitting on your shoulders because that’s the only way he’ll brush his teeth made me giggle. Nice to have a dry school run – we’ve had a lot of soggy ones recently too. #project366

  2. Had to laugh at the DS thing. I was in such trouble when my son found out I’d won an xbox in a competition a year or two before he was born and ended up selling it onto a work colleague. You’ll struggle to get them off it now.

  3. hehehe! That’s a unique way to get Zach to brush his teeth.
    I think we have a Nintendo DS sat in the cupboard too. The kids haven’t bothered with it for years.
    The rain was rotten last week. It seems to be much dryer now. Phew!
    I hope the visit from the class bear went well. x

  4. Lovely photo of you and the kids (and the toothbrush!). Hope the class bear had fun with you. I don’t miss having to have adventures, especially having to write about them! My son still plays with a Nintendo DS every day. He also sometimes uses his brother’s old one, which his brother got when he was 6 (he’s 18 now!).

  5. so I guess you end up with a toothpaste shampoo!!
    Hate the school toys always feel they must be full of others kids germs and muck.
    I have a pink DS somewhere that again has not been used for years but works when last used

  6. I know I shouldnt but I always dread getting the class mascot! She does look very grown up with the make up on. I remember lots of my friends having a Nintendo DS they were all the rage at one point. I didn’t realise you could still get games for them!

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  8. You’re a saint to let Zach to sit on your shoulders for the brushing, don’t think I’d want any drool in my hair. He did draw a cute picture of you.
    How lovely that the gadget was waiting for the right moment. I bet they were all thrilled with it.
    Oh, the class mascot, I remember the joy of having one for the weekend.

  9. We have a DS, I probably should dig it out and see if it works. I hope you didn’t get toothpaste in your hair for that pic. We have to persuade them to brush their teeth somehow don’t we.

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