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#Project366 2020 week 30

Day 201: some Sunday relaxation with Matthew’s train set

Day 202: Anya wore her uniform for the first time in 4 months to go in to school for the final time (she moves up to juniors in September)

Day 203: while Matthew had a Google Meet with his class to say goodbye to his teacher, I kept busy in the background making this station building

Day 204: last day of term and final live PE with Joe

Day 205: first day of the summer holidays draaaaaagggggged. No change to the last 18 weeks but it seemed so much longer!

Day 206: face masks arrived! Thanks to Emily via Cats, Kids, Chaos. It reminds me so much of my dental nursing days!

Day 207: a pamper afternoon with Anya starting with a face mask, moving on to nail varnish and ending with Frozen 2.

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  1. What a fab train set.
    It must have been strange seeing Anya in her school uniform. My youngest tried hers on last week to check what fitted and she looked so odd. I hope her last day went well. x

  2. Ooh I hadn’t thought of getting the kids to do a face mask and lie down with slices of cucumber on their eyes. How long do you think I could make that last for? An hour ?! Bliss ! The station building looks amazing – well done ! It’s good that the kids got to say goodbye to their teachers/classes. Now to keep them all occupied for a couple more months ! lol

  3. The train set is fabulous. The train station looks great, well done! Your photo on the bed with cucumber slices on eyes reminded me how my Mum used to do it. she would also make a face mask of mashed strawberries (now that looked pretty scary).
    Lovely that children were able to say Good bye to their teachers.

  4. Awesome train track and station, it has been an odd time with lock down and schooling. Its been great to seem them go back one last time before school was out for summer! What a great relaxing end you had to the week!

  5. You did well with that station, will be an awesome addition to the train track! I think my two would love it if we had one like that in our house. We only ever had quite basic trains that you push along yourself when they were little. What a great idea having a pamper session!

  6. Fab mask, so many people are complaining they just can’t breathe with them on, I find them ok and more than happy to do my bit. Too funny that the first day of the school hols dragged. Anya’s uniform still fits her well despite not being in school for 4 months

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