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#Project366 2020 week 4

Day 19: the biggest potato I’ve ever seen! Made fantastic roasties 😀

Day 20: ooh it’s chilly (but such a relief that the rain has stopped!)

Day 21: a little bit of ice artistry on the side of my car before school

Day 22: I went to two meetings over the previous two nights so was frantically working away at the laptop. It is situated near my back door so is very cold and I have invested in some fingerless gloves to keep me warm but allow me to type!

Day 23: more artwork. Anya is drawing me and Zach is drawing Chris (look at last week’s post to see Zach’s pic of me, at least my cheeks weren’t under my chin… I promise Chris doesn’t look like that!)

Day 24: this little chap was an absolute demon on Friday (weird semi angelic, semi serial killer smile) and almost made me cry (I did go and hide in the bathroom for 5 minutes after the first incident involving spilled milk but NOTHING prepared me for the screaming banshee on the school run)


Day 25: date night with Chris to celebrate the end of a very busy week




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  1. Nice to get a date night to get away from home for a while.
    Difficult to feel the love for them when they are screaming horrors. Better idea to remove yourself until you calm down than stay and lose the plot.
    I much prefer cold and dry than warm and wet, we have had very few days this winter with frosty mornings

  2. Ahh! My dad keeps buying bags of potatos from a farm shop near us and shares a bag with us and we always end up with them that size. He likes the littler one’s from the bag for jacket potatoes. lol
    I love the ice art on your car. It has been so frosty this past week.
    Fingerless gloves are brilliant. During the day I won’t put the heating on and will sit under a blanket with a hot water bottle and have fingerless gloves on.
    Oh no! Naughty Zach. Sending hugs. They do like to test our patience. Think of it as a phase, it will pass.

  3. Sorry to hear that Zach was such trouble. Hope he calmed down and got back to normal! Your date night food looks delicious.
    What a great idea to type in fingerless gloves. I work at home and don’t have the heating on during the day and it does get very cold sometimes!

  4. Zach looks so angelic, it’s hard to imagine him acting up ! I believe you though, and it is so hard to deal with. Luckily, it’s usually just a phase and doesn’t last for long – phew ! Your fingerless gloves had me feeling all nostalgic – I used to wear them back in the eighties ! When it was really cold, we’d have full-fingered gloves underneath so that the contrasting fingertips poked through. Those were the days ! lol

  5. I didn’t think about getting fingerless gloves for home – will remember that one. Zach is very good at drawing for his age and he does look very cute in the photo. Sorry to hear his behaviour was a bit off, if it makes you feel any better Kipper is exactly the same. That potato is huge!

  6. Oh no, naughty Zach! He looks utterly cute though. Sometimes you need to remove yourself in the bathroom, even for five minutes.
    That potato is huge. Glad you had a date night.

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