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#Project366 2020 week 48

Day 327: welly time to feed the geese

Day 328: one knackered mum hoping for a nap, one boy in just his pants (seriously he cannot feel the cold!), one recorder concert

Day 329: our tree is totally bare so it feels like winter is properly here now the cheerful autumn colours have gone

Day 330: a year since Nanny died so I popped round to Mum with some flowers

Day 331: every year we go to the Christmas tree lighting community event but not surprisingly there has been no mention of it this year. Still a tree though so I forced the kids to pose as usual (strange as it is usually after dark!)

Day 332: Anya got a mention in the school newsletter for being the sports star of her class this week: super proud mum!

Day 333: allowing myself to think about Christmas as it is so close to December! A few chocolate baubles for our tree that we are waiting until next weekend before putting up


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  1. The welly photo did make me smile. It’s good to get out and get some fresh air.
    I remember when my girls were little. They never felt the cold either. I hope you managed to get a nap.
    Sending love and hugs. What pretty flowers for your Nanny. x

  2. Well done Anya for her sports award. Ours don’t do specific sports awards – it would be nice if ours did a hockey award at he end of the term because it would be interesting to see whether N’s hockey skills were really as good as he seems to think (not convinced given there’s 4 kids who play for the local team!). Our council are doing light displays on buildings in town though the season rather than a tree lighting ceremony ,so people can just goand see it whenever.

  3. Recorder concert in pants that did make me chuckle! Hope you managed to get a bit of shut eye. Well done Anya for being the sports star of her class. Lovely isn’t when the kids get recognized for their talent and hard work. I am so glad I just saw your chocolate decorations picture we bought some and I completely forgot, our tree went up yesterday and they are still lurking in the cupboard. Will retrieve them now.

  4. It’s safer for me not to put Christmas chocolates on the tree, they never seem to last very long! Our tree has gone up in the village too without the usual fanfare, it’s definitely going to be a very quiet festive season! The bare trees look so sad, it was only a few weeks ago I took pictures of cherry blossom trees with leaves of the most amazing orange, they looked like they were on fire. The kids were brave getting that close to geese, nasty little buggers they can be! Hope you are all having a lovely week! Those flowers are gorgeous, hope your mum loved them x

  5. Well done Anya with the sports award, hope you managed some rest, your son makes me feel cold . I’m back in Dubai and can’t get my head round the fact it is warm outside. Tree going here this weekend also, but no chocolate decs on it as they’ll just melt

  6. Well done Anya, love the recorder concert. Nice to get the photo in front of the tree, one to look back on for when everything is completely different. We have also been holding out on putting the tree up until this weekend. I am just glad I brought some chocolate decs when I had the chance.

  7. Hope that the anniversary of your Nan’s death was as gentle as it could have been. Those flowers are beautiful. It’s been strange this year not having community Christmas tree lighting events – the one near us got turned on with very little fanfare about it. Well done to Anya on being sports star of the week. #project366

  8. Big well done, Anya! Lovely photo of all three in wellies. And your little chap without clothes on is just like my younger son, who will wear a sleeveless vest and shorts, when I wear a jumper at home. He says he’s hot. The flowers are beautiful, and in memory of a very special person in your life.
    I’m not adding chocolate to our Christmas tree, as my older son would think it’s fair game to gobble up the lot.

  9. What is it with boys wandering about in their underpants ?! Pierre does the same thing ! I did have a giggle at you desperately trying to have a rest on the settee ! Love the pic of the kids in their wellies feeding the geese. Nice to have a picture by the Christmas tree, even if it’s not all lit up.

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