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#Project366 2020 week 50

Day 341: feeding the birds while attempting to stand apart from each other

Day 342: love is… when you get home from work and your husband has got the fire going


Day 343: feeling festive

Day 344: love the skies on the way home from school but it gets dark soooo early!

Day 345: a surprise invite back to Beavers so that Anya could get her Chief Scout’s Bronze Award badge, the highest a Beaver can achieve.

Day 346: second consecutive Anya pic as she models for Christmas jumper day. Zach and I are wearing ours at school next week. Matthew refused to wear one, concerned that it might be a bit babyish as he had one from last year with dinosaurs. Apparently there were a few others in his class so maybe they are all edging towards teenage angst…

Day 347: an early birthday walk for my dad and Chris whose birthdays are on Monday. The weather looked bad on Sunday and I have to work Monday night so we went out to admire the Chirtsmas lights along local roads

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  1. I miss being in town for work – usually I get to see all the garish lights on the way home, but am now never in town for that. Might have to do a drive around with N sometime. N opted for a fairisle pattern jumper this year – he refused to wear the one from last year with a reindeer – good job really as 3 other kids in lower years were wearing the same one.

  2. Awww well done to Anya on her bronze award, that is awesome and she looks so chuffed! I would love to come home to a fire having been lit by a man… unfortunately no actual working fire and no Mr. Sim, so I will have to make do with Hive for now! 😉
    I bet all the geese and swans wondered why you were all so spread out – however what a lovely chance to get out and enjoy some fresh air! Sim x

  3. Never occurred to me that they would not want to wear a Xmas jumper! Charlie was a little fussy this year and wanted to wear a specific type. Well done on the bronze award Anya. Love a real fire especially this time of year.

  4. Awww love it coming home to the fire going too. Nothing quite like a log fire on cold winter days! Well done Anya with your achievement, its nice when clubs are back up and running. What fabulous Christmas lights, I think more houses are putting them up this year or adding more, trying to make up for a hard year we have all had.

  5. How lovely to get home from work and find the fire already going. Love the festive hats. Well done to Anya on her Chief Scout’s Bronze Award. Love her Christmas jumper. It’s nice going for evening walks at this time of year and seeing the Christmas lights. #project366

  6. Well done Anya for your bronze award – that’s amazing 🙂 Love the Christmas jumpers and hats – ahhh it’s a shame when they start growing up and don’t want to do things they see as babyish any more ! Love the distanced duck feeding – perfect photo to sum up this year ! xx

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