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#Project366 2020 week 52

Day 355: oh yes, we are still completing Joe Wicks workouts!

Day 356: our local river is the boundary between counties: we are in tier 2 but the other side is tier 4 so we can’t walk there!

Day 357: finally got around to opening my presents from work. Felt very emotional and overwhelmed

Day 358: Zach likes to organise his books!

Day 359: feeling exhausted after our annual festive disco. Stockings ready and three very excited children!

Day 360: my vegan Christmas dinner (second helping was the same size!)

Day 361: playing outside in winter, Anya just in shorts! We have now joined the other two adjacent counties in tier 4 🙁

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  1. Good on you for still doing the Joe Wicks workouts. We gave up after a couple of days. lol
    It looks like you had a great week.
    Your Christmas dinner looks so good.
    Wow! That’s a big jump from tier 2 to tier 4. x

  2. Shame to be in tier 4, but it does make sense for everyone to be in the same rule category. Hope you all had a Merry Christmas, I ahd a burger for my lunch, miss a roast, but it’s too hot to be cooking one here. Wishing you all a happy new year

  3. Hope you had a lovely Christmas. Dinner looks very tasty indeed. We are also in tier 4 now. I don’t think it will make much difference for us as we can still walk locally which is all we seem to leave the house for now. Happy New Year

  4. Your Christmas dinner looked lovely, I would have wanted a second helping too! Wow Zach has quite a collection of Thomas books! Mine used to like to lay books out and pretend they had a shop. I didn’t realize Joe Wicks was still going strong, well done for sticking with it.

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