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#Project366 2020 week 9

Day 54: chilling out for the last day of half term trying to stave off the dread of school…


Day 55: tired but happy after my first day combining jobs 6 and 7, only temporary but lovely to be needed and feel useful!

Day 56: spotted my first daffodils of the year!


Day 57: a few flakes of snow but the kids were quite excited (not that you can tell from the boys’ faces in this pic though!)


Day 58: my crazy three decided to move a chair across the lounge and pose

Day 59: final day of Mathew’s science experiment. He grew cress seeds. The ones on the left were by the radiator and had medium light, the ones on the righ were on the window sill in direct sunlight but a bit cold. He also had some in the fridge which germinated the root but no leaves and some in a warm drawer that grew well but had yellow leaves.


Day 60: party time for Zach and he ate more than the other children combined!

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  1. I don’t know how you manage to keep up with everything with all your jobs!
    Ahh! Daffodils are such pretty flowers. They’re so cheery.
    hehehe! I love the kids posing. Zach has such a cheeky smile.

  2. Exciting experiment. I love growing cress.
    Lol to the party food. N was always the same – he’d still be sitting there eating while all the other children had finished and were off playing!

  3. Loving the science project – I might have to do that with the kids here too ! I love Zach’s huge smile – such a cutie ! Great to see the daffodils – I saw some today, at last ! Lovely to see a splash of colour, and it was even sunny too – spring is hopefully on the way ?!

  4. What a star you are getting through everything and keeping up, you do so much. I do love seeing daffodils they really are a sign of spring and sunshine. The kids are so cute posing. xx

  5. Lovely to see the daffodils appearing. We only had a few flakes of snow too – Sophie was very excited that it was snowing but disappointed that it didn’t settle. Love the photo of your children posing together. How interesting to see how the cress seeds grew differently under different conditions. #project366

  6. Zach looks very happy at the party. The photo of the three of them is very sweet. It brought back memories of when my three were little and they used to occasionally get on OK together! What an interesting science experiment – it looks like there is a clear winner!

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