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#Project366 week 11

Day 68: look at that focus! the kids loved playing with their new science sets from Learning Resources UK

Day 69: my latest obsession: Plants vs Zombies on my DS

Day 70: a bit random but I left the house with my sandwich on a plate, then had to drive very carefully to work before eating it!

Day 71: using the last of my Spice Pioneer power pods for a review, sooooo tasty!

Day 72: trying to keep germs and vampires away with a big dose of garlic mushrooms risotto (recipe on its way next week)

Day 73: Zach spent the day with my mum and dad and made cakes. He was so thrilled with himself but it did make me feel guilty for not cooking more with the kids due to work recently

Day 74: just love these three so much! I miss them while they are at school and I’m at work

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  1. Zach looks so happy with his cupcake, bless him. I love mushroom risotto, made with dried porcini and a dash of sweet wine.
    How lovely that your kids are so engrossed with the science kits.

  2. Sadly if you need the money you need to work, at least he gets to bake with the grandparents, don’t feel bad about it. he looks very pleased with his results, well done Zach.
    They are well engrossed in the science projects.
    Seems a bit bizarre on a plate in the car…I pop mine in a tub usually

  3. That science set looks great and the kids look very engrossed in what they are doing. Love how proud of himself Zach looks holding his cake. The mushroom risotto looks delicious. The Spice Pioneer power pods sound interesting – I’ve not tried those. #project366

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