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#Project52 2024 week 26

Yet another busy week. Tense football on Thursday as England scraped a draw. Anya has gone up a level in swimming.
But the main event for us this week was the disaster of the keys… I walked home from the shop on Tuesday and met Chris walking Wurzel. He opened the door for me as I was carrying heavy shopping and I never grabbed my keys out of my bag to hang on the hook. Chris asked me later on where my keys were and I said they must still be in my bag and assumed that he would get them. In the morning I went off to work in Chris’ car and when I was checking my phone was on silent before the exam, I saw messages from Chris saying I’d locked him, Anya and Zach in the house. They couldn’t get out of the back gate as he didn’t know where the padlock key was and they had to wait for my parents to get home from a walk to rescue them with their set of keys.
Let’s just say I was not popular when I arrived home with both sets of keys…


Crocs are the most uncomfortable shoes in the world. Wore them for the first time ever and my toes kept going through the holes! Maybe you need to wear them with socks?

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