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Covid strikes again!

Exactly a month after Matthew and Anya tested positive for Covid, now I’ve got it! I had a vague ill feeling in the back of my nose and throat on Sunday but didn’t feel too bad so headed into work on Monday. I was surprised that the number of Covid cases among the children at […]

Our Covid diary: days 5-7

So Matthew and Anya tested positive for Covid last week and we have been zealously testing me, Chris and Zach but no sign of any second lines on those pesky tests of ours! I have skipped a few days in the ‘diary’ as not much has happened. Regular text messages reminding us of the legal […]

Our Covid diary: days zero and one

Here we go then. We managed to escape for two years but this weekend Covid finally caught up with us. So how did it begin? Matthew and I took our regular Sunday test in the morning then headed downstairs for a snack. Chris went up to the bathroom and yelled down the stairs “Do you […]

Things I am Thankful For In Lockdown…

…and dreading when ‘normality’ resumes! Things are gradually shifting back to pre-Covid and although the lifting of all restrictions has been postponed I have enjoyed some aspects of lockdown: Saving money. Wow, we have saved on petrol, takeaways, days out, school trips etc. I hope that we can spend the money on holidays and family […]

#Project365 2021 week 20

Day 136: freedom! My self isolation is over and it was good to be able to leave the house for a run!   Day 137: back to work. Took the ants back and felt really sad! They had spent a week above my desk and were totally captivating   Day 138: rainbow! Can you believe […]