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A new venture: Pilates!

To help with wellbeing and to give us some colleague team building, our school has signed up for Pilates. I was a bit unsure about joining as my only experience of Pilates was via an app on my phone which left me with backache so I gave up within a week. Now 5 weeks in […]

5 reasons why we still love Joe Wicks and his workouts

Joe Wicks continues to inspire and entertain us as a family. We have continued his workouts, repeating the ones from the original lockdown. We have also done his Wake Up With Joe workouts from before Christmas as well as catching up on old ones from before he was a national treasure. We usually catch up […]

Couch to 5k: week one

I am officially crazy. Joe Wicks has got me with the fitness bug. Lockdown fever is to blame! Usually I walk an hour a day on the school runs but for three whole months I have been mostly stuck at home with only a couple of leisurely walks a week. The upshot is, I decided […]

Thank you Joe Wicks and your infectiously irritating workouts

PE with Joe has become part of our daily routine. For the first two weeks we caught up with his workouts in the afternoon but, over the Easter holidays and continuing with our home learning, we joined in live and have continued to do so each day since. I have even started doing some of […]

The Mum Olympic Games

I fully respect the decision of some mums to visit the gym. However, in my opinion, I endure more than enough physical activity just doing my daily routine! So much so that I have decided to classify them as my own Olympic sports: WEIGHTLIFTING I was astonished after I had Matthew at just how heavy […]