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guinea pig

What is hay poke?

We have had quite an expensive week at the vet for little Toffee. Owning guinea pigs, it was only a matter of time before we had to deal with hay poke which is a common medical condition. Hay poke is an eye injury caused by a graze from the hay that the guinea pigs eat […]

Guinea Pig Awareness Week 25th-29th September 2023

Back in March I became a guinea pig mum and now eagerly awaiting becoming a guinea granny! This week is Guinea Pig Awareness Week (25th-29th September 2023) so I thought I would spread the word about the fabness of guinea pigs! The guineas are so excited every morning and what a racket they make! Rustle […]

#Project365 2023 week 12

Day 77: a trip to Dymchurch to wish Chris’ mum a happy Mother’s Day and the pups loved their first time on a beach and sand Day 78: a lovely Mother’s Day and made even better when I collected two new family members! Here are our girls Toffee and Sugar that we rehomed Day 79: […]

Thinking of getting a guinea pig?

Thinking of getting a guinea pig? We are! Firstly, you can’t get just one guinea pig. They need to live in pairs at least, usually two boys or two girls together. They are very sociable and chatter frequently. Guinea pigs are a prey animal so should be kept apart and safe from cats, dogs, and […]